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Discover The Battle-Tested Method Behind The World’s Most Successful Women in Leadership

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Discover The Battle-Tested Method Behind The World’s Most Successful Women in Leadership

Takes 30s
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I’ve done leadership trainings, personal coaching, I’m a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and read all the personal development books, but what this program teaches is impactful and I’ve now been able to fulfil my potential. I’m totally blown away by the programme.

- Lucy, Senior Marketing Executive (UK)

I’m now calm, grounded and balanced and people are noticing and wondering how I do it.
The business I’m leading is highly profitable and growing and I achieve a high employee satisfaction and that leads to a high client satisfaction. 

- Christiane, CEO (Germany)

I overcame burnout and I have literally transformed as a leader. I’m conquering things I never thought possible. I am thriving. My team is thriving.

- Giedre, Head of Legal (Luxembourg)
Takes 30s

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REWIRED GLOBAL’s mission is to help transition the leaders of today into the leaders of tomorrow. We ensure that women in highly-demanding leadership positions are equipped with the mental abilities, cognitive skills, and other inner qualities they must possess to sustainably contribute to our global society.


Hosted by Fernanda Lind, CEO

Fernanda Lind has a long-standing career as a senior executive at the highest level. She's an award-winning entrepreneur and the host of the Wired to Win Podcast.  She holds two master’s degrees (An MBA and a Master's Degree in Dance). 

With a highly successful career in the financial markets, managing a multi-billion-dollar portfolio, and with a decade-long background as a professional dancer performing at the highest level, she understands the pressures of working in a high-stakes environment. 
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